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Check out this upholstery cleaning challenge

The following description and photos were sent to me by Stephen Jaenchen of A Better Carpet Cleaner in Carson City, NV. It's an interesting job... check it out. A lot to read and digest, with the final outcome published at the bottom of this page.

"The photos are of a cotton velvet sofa we cleaned recently. In our pre-inspection, we noted that the nap was stiff, distorted and crusty, indicating it was previously cleaned (and not all that well). The client's representative confirmed this. As we examined the piece further, several areas of red splotches were observed and noted in our pre-inspection.  The piece is approximately 15 years old and pink areas of staining were observed in the material's backing, but not in or on the cushion material.
"We later cleaned the piece with Dry-Slurry using a 3 1/2 inch PMF internal spray detailer upholstery tool, followed by an All-Fiber rinse and a light application of Maxim Advanced upholstery fiber protection. It was then groomed with a velvet carding brush and set to dry.
"As anticipated, the red stains were not removable with a standard cleaning process or pH manipulation. So, what caused the red prior to our cleaning? Sizing reaction from high pH cleaning? Soured fiber protection application? And what could be done, if anything, to remove the red?"

The final results and information is posted at the very bottom of this page... but before you peak, what would you have done to solve this problem?

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Residential and commercial marketing techniques specifically for the carpet cleaning, disaster restoration and contract cleaning industries.

Continued from above...

"The stained areas did look a bit like faded Kool-Aid stains, but the pattern was inconsistent with a Kool-Aid or similar spill. The spots were almost in a pattern - one pillow cushion with almost evenly spaced spots almost across the whole cushion, another cushion with the same pattern but towards a corner, plus some on a seat cushion. The spots were mostly on one side of the affected cushions. I guess it could have been a Kool-Aid "explosion" (we were cleaning at about 7000 foot elevation). We don't know what the cause was, neither did the owner's representatives (caretaker & cleaner).

"In addition, when we cleaned the piece, very light pink hues seemed to appear when we returned to examine the piece several days later. Those areas may have been there all along, hiding underneath the soil and not visible just after cleaning due to moisture "shading," or they may have been a reaction to a chemical left there prior to our cleaning which would bring up a whole new scenario.
"Finally, the stains responded almost immediately when treated with the Red 1 - first by dabbing some on with a towel and also with a light spray. No heat was used to minimize the chance of an over-reaction and potential color loss.
"Strange? Both my associate and I are Master Textile Cleaners with a combined 66 years of upholstery cleaning experience."